Karyna Jaramillo

Karyna Jaramillo is a transgender woman from Cuernavaca, México who emigrated to Phoenix, AZ in 1989 to pursue work. She has spent years living the realities of racism, homophobia, and discrimination in Phoenix from society and from the police. She has been detained by ICE three times, and knows first hand how the government and those in power try to destroy the dreams of tod@s nosotr@s (all of us). Currently, Karyna coordinates Arcoiris Liberation Team/Arizona Queer Undocumented Immigrants Project (AZ QUIP), a project defending LGBTI migrant communities. She works with her community both outside and inside detention centers to fight for the rights and liberty of her community, and more broadly for the autonomy and power de cada un@ de nosotr@s (of each of us).

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