Elizabeth Caretti Ramírez

Elizabeth Caretti Ramírez, Hampshire class of F'87 is a Spanish teacher at a local public high school. During her time at Hampshire, she was involved in both anti-racism and environmental work. She left environmental activism in the early 90s to focus exclusively on anti-racism and anti-poverty campaigns until she went to Standing Rock in 2016. She spent most of her time there at the Two-Spirit camp and clearly saw the intersections of race, environment, gender, class and sexuality. Since returning from Standing Rock she has dedicated herself to environmental justice and has been involved in organizing and participating in non-violent direct action at Otis State Forest in MA and now in Holyoke, MA, where she lives, fighting the Columbia Gas "reliability" project. Elizabeth is a member of Neighbor to Neighbor in Holyoke and the Sugar Shack Alliance (SSA), which is based in Northampton. Neighbor to Neighbor is a multiracial, working-class-focused group that is the lead organization fighting the proposed "natural" gas pipeline, slated to run from Agawam to Holyoke. SSA is a majority-white environmental organization that fights new fossil fuel infrastructure projects in Western Massachusetts. Elizabeth has been part of a group that has challenged SSA to move from being an environmental organization to being an environmental justice organization.

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