Adaku Utah

Hailing from Nigeria, Adaku Utah is an award winning liberation educator and organizer, healer and performance ritual artist committed to healing and liberation within oppressed communities. For over ten years, her work has been centered in movements for radical social change, with a focus on gender, sexuality, race, youth, and healing justice. She is the founder and director of Harriet's Apothecary, a healing village led by Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans folks committed to living out Harriet Tubman's legacy of liberation in our tissues and our lineage. She is also the founder of BeatBox Botanicals, a local sliding-scale, love-centered, and community-inspired plant medicine and healing practice. Her greatest desire is to embody the sacredness and wholeness of love and support herself, humanity and our larger ecosystem in garnering and using our tools of love, healing, and liberation to fashion just and sustainable realities

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