Conference Reviews: Thoughtful, Fashionable

Love Notes to the Conference

As we wind down from an amazing weekend of sharing, learning, and strengthening ourselves and our work, the blog posts and reflections are beginning to come in. Here are a few thoughts we've found online so far. More will come soon. And feel free to add your own!

“I had an activist’s dream of a weekend.”
…and Then We Bowled

“I attended a really engaging workshop that addressed the vital intersections created by the ongoing legacies of colonialism."
CLPP 2012: Colonized Spaces, Criminalized Bodies

“Somehow the year I have a teeny baby is the year I actually get it together to go to the CLPP Conference … I emailed them and she is welcome to come to all the workshops! So she will be tagging along…”
Baby’s First Reproductive Rights Conference!

"We traveled all the way to a national conference, but we know how to do good work right here... We are working toward freedom in a hostile place, and we are resilient and wise from the experience."
Red Dirt, Red State: I Love Oklahoma Activists

"While I was struck by the high-quality dialogue that took place at the conference, I couldn’t help but notice another aspect of life in western Massachusetts besides the penchant for social justice and movement-building: fashion."
Snapped at CLPP: Fashion at the 2012 conference

“Reproductive Justice never looked so good…”
Colored Girls Hustle

“lovely! on the bathroom stall…”

Sometimes Lisa Simpson just says it best.

Conference conversations also took place all over Twitter. Check out #clpp2012 for a virtual conference! It’s like attending all over again.

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