Conference Excitement Is Building!

2012 Conference

The CLPP and PopDev offices are filled with boxes of programs, packets, and conference workshop materials. Students and staff are channeling their passions by working overtime to get everything set. People have been supporting us with flowers and snacks. And all the strong, smart, amazing people who will be attending and speaking this weekend are getting excited to learn, connect, and renew!

By Luis Vargas at PopDev:
“Every conference is a reminder that there is still so much to do. Women from all racial and class backgrounds cannot do this work alone…. There is a greater need for men of color to contribute to the reproductive justice movement, because every person plays an important role within their families and communities.”

From the taking up of space:
“I appreciate that CLPP understands just how important it is to discuss fat and body image issues within the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement. And if any of you will be at CLPP, lemme know so we can fatty high five!”

From transfeminist Katherine Cross:
“As a woman of trans experience I also have to say that we need to summon more courage as feminists; we need to cultivate a far wider vision of 'reproductive justice' than we have hitherto…. As we argued valiantly for the right to have health care plans cover contraception we glossed over the fact that transgender people still lack a meaningful right to choose in this country.”

These and many other issues and voices will be heard this weekend in numerous workshops and plenaries. Curious about the schedule? Check out the workshop descriptions or see who's speaking. Online registration is now closed but you can register onsite when you arrive. Come join us!

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