Conference Social Media Use and Policies

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Conference Social Media Use and Policies

Event Series

April - May 2021


Part of what makes our in-person events so powerful is our ability to share the conversations, ideas and photos with others across the globe. This year, we continue to encourage everyone to talk about their event experiences online!

The best ways to share are the following:

For a wide range of reasons, people have many different needs around their online presence. Please get explicit consent before using someone else's name, image, or words on social media, or before you tag them.

Live-tweeting: tweeting about an event as it happens.

CLPP's Twitter handle: @CLPPtweets

Hashtag to use: #CLPP2021

Facebook posts and stories: tag CLPP in your faceook posts or stories!

Facebook Page: @CLPPpage 

Instagram posts and stories: make a reel, add us to your stories, or post about the events   

Instagram Handle:@CLPPconference

Hashtag to use: #CLPP2021

Don't forget to like and follow our social medias!


Plenaries, Workshops, and Speakers

Please do not screenshot or record speakers or participants without permission. If speakers request that their names not be used, please do not post them on social media. If you are unsure if a session is appropriate to blog about, check in with one of our CLPP staff members who will have the tag “moderator” next to their name.

Please be aware, we will record our virtual events for internal use and they may be uploaded to our Civil Liberties and Public Policy @CLPPRJ YouTube page. Questions answered by the panelists will be used but participants will not be on-screen for the video.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in creating a fun, safe, and informative social media experience for you and everyone else at this year’s event series!


Conference organizers will be happy to assist you throughout the event series. To find them in Hopin during an event, click on any of the people listed as moderators for assistance. If you need assistance outside of events, please email If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions, or want to volunteer or help organize around access, please email and/or let us know in your evaluation forms.

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