Access the Event!

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Access the Event!

Event Series

April - May 2021




Quick guide to entering the event: 


Screenshots are attached below in steps 1-8 in the table


  1. Open the email “Here’s the link for CLPP’s event” 
  2. Scroll towards the bottom button for “Create Account & Join Event” 
  3. Within 2 minutes you should receive another email with the actual link 
  4. Go to “sessions” on the left-hand side panel (possibly on the bottom if your screen is small)
  5. Click on “Main Session” and you’re in!


Important: Hopin works best in Google Chrome. If you are having difficulty with Hopin try using Google Chrome and closing any extraneous tabs or browsers.



Getting the Link

(Two-step authentication)

  1. About 1 week prior to the event, you will receive an email with the subject line “Here’s the link for CLPP’s first event!!” 
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the email and click on “create account & join event”  or “login & join event” if you have already created an account prior. 

  1. We employed a two-factor authentication for our event. Hopin will open a page that says “Verification required. Event link emailed!” 

  1. You will receive a new email with the link to the event. 
    1. The link expires after 10 mins. To get a new link, click on the “GO TO EVENT” button in blue 

On the website 

  1. You will be asked to accept Hopin’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

  1. If you are accessing prior to the start of the event, you may create your profile in Hopin. Click on the “create your profile” hyperlink towards the top of the page
  1. You may put whatever information you choose here.
  2. If you choose to attend the networking event, this profile and information will be shared with your networking partner if you consent to sending them your info

  1. On the left, you will find Reception, Sessions, Networking, and Expo  buttons. 
  1. If you are on a smaller screen, these buttons are towards the bottom.

  1. Click on Sessions > Main session to start the event! 

Navigating the website 

  1. Reception
  1. In reception, you will find the description of the event, sponsors, and the schedule for the day.


  1. This is where you will find our event for all the panels, screenings, and workshops 
  2. Click on “Main Event” to enter. 
  3. If you want to maximize someone’s video feed, double click their video 
    1. Note: Unlike Zoom, speakers will not automatically rotate in the maximized video position


  1. After our events, there will be half an hour session for networking. 
  2. All networking sessions will be randomly assigned with another participant.
  3. You and the other participant must both consent prior to engaging.
  4. You can turn on or off your audio or visual. You may also message each other in the chat. 
  5. The maximum time to discuss in a networking session is 180 seconds or 3 minutes 
  6. Click the “Ready” button to network!


  1. Our event series wouldn’t be the same without our incredible sponsors. 
  2. In the Expo section, you’ll be able to find all of our sponsorship orgs, learn more about them, and chat with one of their staff or volunteers. 
  3. Click on their names and logos to get to know them better! 

Chat and Q&A! 

  1. Event Group Chat
    1. This is the space where you and your fellow participants/conference-goers can talk about the event, mingle, or have side discussions altogether! 
    2. The chat will be open for all of our events. 
    3. Community guidelines will be enforced. When discussing, please lead with integrity, curiosity, and assume good intent. Find more about our community guidelines here.

  1. Direct Messaging 
    1. If you would like to start up a conversation with another conference-goer or moderator, click on their name in chat, look them up under the people tab, or go to the top right corner of your screen for the arrow button 
    2. Click on the person’s name 
    3. Press the Send Message button and you can start chatting with them! 


Note: If at any time, you no longer want to speak to that person, you can mute them by pressing the three-dot button next to their name > Mute this person for me


If you need any assistance, feel free to DM any of the Moderators or hit the Report User button under the three dots menu. 


We are also reachable by email at Once we are in the event, we will not be monitoring that email as closely. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the moderators on Hopin. 

  1. Q&A
    1. All of our events are interactive and participants are highly encouraged to ask questions. 
    2. In order to streamlined questions with the most interest, like the question asked. The questions with the most likes will be answered first! 

  1. People 
    1. Contact Cards/Profiles 
      1. Want to get in touch with someone later? You can share your profile information with another attendee by clicking their name and sharing your contact card 
    2. Schedule a Meeting
      1. You are able to schedule a meeting with another conference-goer at any time. 
      2. You may schedule with up to four people. 
      3. Please note that both (or, in some cases, all) must consent to the meeting in order to begin. 



If you have any questions about registration, please email for more help!

Ready to sign up? Click the registration button below!




Does your organization want to sponsor this series to keep it accessible to all? Email Brenae Anacacy at for sponsorship information.


Our event series wouldn't be the same without our generous sponsors. Click their logos below to learn more about them!

DWC logo Third Wave Fund Logo
Rosenberg Fund for Children Amherst College Sexuality, Women, and Gender Studies
Attie and Goldwater Productions The Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts
The COMS Project Tapestry Health
Natiional Network of Abortion Funds Five College Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Program
If/When/How Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Reproductive Health Access Project
Access Reproductive Care - Southeast Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund The Resilient Sisterhood Project
Soapbox Inc and Feminist Camp Smith College Progam in the Study of Women and Gender
Gallagher Family Fund Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Political Research Associates Our Bodies Ourselves
Women Engaged SisterReach