Conference Social Media Use and Policies

Part of what makes our conference so powerful is our ability to share the events, ideas and photos from the weekend with others across the globe. We encourage everyone to talk about their conference experiences online! 

The best ways to share are the following:

Live-blogging: writing about an event as it is happening, and posting your thoughts online shortly after.

Live-tweeting: tweeting about an event as it happens.
       CLPP's Twitter handle: @CLPPtweets
       Hashtag to use: #CLPP2018

Facebook posts: tag CLPP @CLPPpage when posting about the conference: find and like us at

Instagram: Follow and tag us @CLPPconference
       Hashtag to use: #CLPP2018

Please be mindful of the following policies when making a post:

For a wide range of reasons, people have many different needs around their online presence. Please get explicit consent before using someone else's name, image, or words on social media, or before you tag them. 

For security reasons, please do not use geotagging at this conference, and please do not be specific about what buildings you are in on campus.

The Abortion Speakout

No blogging, tweeting, video-recording, or photography is allowed at Breaking Silences: An Abortion Speak Out on Friday evening. The Speak Out is intended to be an outlet for folks to talk openly and candidly about their abortion experiences in confidence, so we ask that there be no blogging about anyone’s stories, names, or events during or after the conference.

Plenaries, Workshops, and Speakers

Please do not photograph or video-record speakers or participants without permission. Everyone should be aware that conference photographers will be taking pictures throughout the weekend, and the plenaries will be livestreamed. Photographers will have identifying name tags. If you do not want your photo used in CLPP promotional materials, please check in at the registration table.

If speakers request that their names not be used, please do not post them on social media.

If you are unsure if a session is appropriate to blog about, check in with the workshop speakers.

Please refrain from using flash photography as it can trigger seizures or other symptoms.  If flash photography is a barrier for you, please check in at the Registration Table so that photographers can be notified.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in creating a fun, safe, and informative social media experience for you and everyone else at this year’s conference!