Conference 2019 Vision Statement

From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom

Vision Statement for CLPP's annual conference

By Leah Hahn, CLPP Intern

Each year, as part of our conference planning, our staff discusses CLPP's vision and priorities for the conference.  We're sharing them with you in hopes that you will join us April 12-14, 2019 to participate in the conversations, connect, and learn from one another.

This past year has seen many blows to reproductive justice. Congressional action and shifts in the Supreme Court pose the largest threats to abortion access, LBGTQ rights, and immigrant families that we have seen in decades. Racism and state violence against Black communities continues to surge. In this context, we feel that the need to form solidarity and find the commonalities among our many struggles for justice is urgent. We are inspired by the wave of resistance to all of the actions taken by the Trump administration to undermine our rights, including the election to public office of several progressive trans people and the fact that Black and Latinx women led primary elections in several states. We are fueled by the loosening of abortion restrictions in Ireland and Brazil, and the outpouring of support for similar action in Argentina. We see the new chances to organize, learn, and build solidarity across social justice movements.

We hope that the upcoming CLPP conference can be a place for activists across the spectrum of pressing issues to get together and strategize ways to strength and build the reproductive justice movement. We want to create space for the voices of those who are most silenced to be heard and lift up their struggles. This year’s conference will be a place to find hope, excitement, and passion to move forward and grow stronger together. Please join us.