Combatting Settler-Terrorism Through Indigenous Liberation

There can be no justice on stolen, indigenous land without indigenous justice. Oli (Osage/Chichimeca/Mvskoke) and Ashley (Oglala Lakota/Absentee Shawnee) will use Oklahoma indigenous grassroots resistance as a foray into a discussion about settler-terrorism, racial justice, indigenous liberation, environmental justice, cross-movement collaboration, and bridge building. With the ever-pressing threat of occupied leaders “Oklahomanizing” the rest of the so-called United States, there is much to learn from those on the frontlines in Oklahoma actively resisting settler-terrorism, climate change, and oppressive policies that contribute to mass incarceration, environmental genocide, and high rates of police killings of indigenous and black people. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of their relationship to the land, the struggles faced by those involved in frontline grassroots indigenous resistance, and how to stop complicity in systems that contribute to and perpetuate the silencing, erasure, and genocide of indigenous peoples.


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