#clpp2012 Conference Blogroll

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Are you interested in what people were saying before, during, and after the conference? Do you want to learn more about a workshop you didn't get to attend? We are lucky to be a part of an excited and exciting community of bloggers and media makers who participated in the conference and are continuing conference conversations after returning home. As conference coordinator Lani Blechman said at the closing plenary on Sunday, "The conference doesn't end here." Read on to continue learning and connecting!

Before We Arrived

Baby’s First Reproductive Rights Conference! by Baby Blue Elephant

Biking Beyond Bigotry Launches from Vermont with Support of Environmentalists on Imagine 2050

Building Healthier Communities, Hand in Hand on the PopDev blog

Calling All Fatties! on The Taking Up of Space

Full Circle on Diagnosing Chaos

Noting by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Occupations on Diverge

Off to CLPP 2012 Conference by The Opinioness of the World

Trans Rights Are Reproductive Rights by Katherine Cross on Feministing

Opening Plenary

Speaking Out for Reproductive Freedom Opening Plenary by The Opinioness of the World

Plenary Remarks by Brandon Lacy Campos

The “Seven Billion” Strategy and Why We Need a New One, remarks by Katie McKay Bryson

We Are the Movement, remarks by Courtney Hooks


Colonized Spaces, Criminalized Bodies on Feministing

Creating a More Survivor Supportive Campus by Anushka Kapoor

Disability Justice, Feminism, and Reproductive Rights on OK4RJ

Our Bodies are Beautiful, Our Bodies are Political on Feministing

When Boys Wear Pink on The Mamafesto

Whose Food Justice? OUR Food Justice by The Opinioness of the World

Post-Conference Reflections

All of the CLPP on OK4RJ

And Then We Bowled on The Mamafesto

Angel Fabin speaks about traditional role of being a 2-spirit Muxe in POOR Magazine

Biking Beyond Bigotry New England on Imagine 2050

Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom by Reproductive Health Access Project

CLPP: A Candy Store for Activists on Amplify

CLPP! on Femme Times

Jewish Women! And a Review of the 2012 CLPP Conference on Psyched at Clark

Moving Forward, Together on Strong Families

Red Dirt, Red State: I Love Oklahoma Activists on OK4RJ

Refuse to let others who do not care about ALL women define our battleground on Amplify

16 and wearing “too much” nail polish and also pregnant on Diverge

Snapped at CLPP: Fashion at the 2012 conference on Feministing

The same but different: Twenty years in the repro rights movement on Amplify

Trans Gender Roles on ToughxCookies


Photos from the Repeal Hyde Art Project

Back from the CLPP Conference: Colored Girls Hustle

Our thanks to all the bloggers who thoughtfully documented our 26th annual conference. If you see any posts missing, please let us know!

Please note that statements made by bloggers are views held by individuals and may not reflect the positions of CLPP or Hampshire College on these issues. We have shared them here with the intent to continue conversations.

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