NOW National Conference CLPP

The National Organization for Women (NOW) National Conference will take place in Baltimore on June 29 - July 1, and CLPP will be there! This year's conference theme is "Energize! Organize! Stop the War on Women" and attendees can look forward to dynamic speakers, skill-building workshops, issue hearings and networking sessions.

Conference and Student Programs Coordinator Lani Blechman and 2012 Student Group Coordinators Lauren Casey and Yasmine El Baggari will join D.C.-based Reproductive Justice leaders on Friday during Breakout Session 1 as part of the workshop Reproductive Justice: Messaging, Mobilizing and Building a Stronger Movement. The session will focus on abortion activism and messaging within the Reproductive Justice movement.  Our D.C. colleauges will provide an overview of abortion messaging research based in community.  Lauren, Yasmine, and Lani will lead participants in creating action plans that use the information presented in each of our home contexts.

Also speaking on the panel are Elizabeth Barajas Roman, Director of Policy for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health; Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Program Manager at the Reproductive Health Technologies Project; and Angela Sutton, Senior Health Policy Associate at the Black Women’s Health Imperative. CLPP is excited to join our D.C. movement building collaborators in providing one of two reproductive rights-focused sessions at NOW!

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