CLPP allowed Jacqueline to be a visionary

Our alums are key players in today’s demand for change, leading frontline fights against racism, oppression, and all forms of injustice.

They are advocates for the most vulnerable in our communities as we all face the greater threat of hate that is legitimized by the current administration.

From academic programs to an activist conference to summer internships, CLPP is educating, inspiring, and training these rising young activists and emerging leaders.

Your generosity is the foundation of their success. Your donation sustains our leadership programs. Your support makes possible life-changing experiences for more than 1,000 people each year.

Meet Jacqueline Johnson, one of our 17,000 alums:

Jacqueline Johnson smiling. Pink-text quote reads: "CLPP changed the way I now view the world. It allowed me to be a visionary and experience the world outside of Massachusetts in ways neither me nor my mom could have dreamt of. Having grown up in a single-parent home, traveling was out of the question. CLPP trusted and believed in me, and gave me an opportunity to see the world and be financially stable. CLPP is home and family!" Underneath, text reads: "Name: Jacqueline Johnson  
CLPP Alum:  Student Group 2008, Conference Speaker 2008, RRASC Intern 2007 (Justice Now, Oakland CA)
Now:  I currently serve as the Chief Operations Officer of Caring Health Center in Springfield Massachusetts, where we serve some of the community’s most vulnerable populations.  I am passionate about driving policy system changes that provide quality health care for all people, regardless of their race, socio-economic status, gender or sexual orientation.  In addition, I sit on several boards in the community, including the Board of Directors for Mental Health Association (MHA) and the Advisory Council for Bay Path University. 

CLPP alums are bending history, striking down injustice, shaking the world! Many of them continue to courageously and tirelessly fight for reproductive justice throughout their careers.

They are strong, smart, and accomplished. They are changing lives. And we need them today, more than ever.

We believe in this future. Join CLPP in creating a cascade of change: Invest in the Jacquelines of tomorrow.

In hope and solidarity,

Mia Kim SullivanAmy CryselMarlene Gerber Fried

CLPP Co-Director

CLPP Co-Director

CLPP Faculty Director


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