#CLPP 2021 Virtual Event Sponsorship

From Abortion Rights to Social Justice:
Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom

A Virtual Conference | April-May 2021

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Inspiring Activism for 40 Years
For 40 years, the Civil Liberties and Public Policy program (CLPP) has inspired more than 19,000 activists and trained a new generation of leaders working for reproductive freedom. Combining activism, organizing, leadership training, networking and movement building, the annual CLPP conference promotes an inclusive agenda for social change and reproductive justice and this year, we're going virtual! #CLPP2021 will be a series of virtual events, including panels, workshops, and film screenings throughout April and May. Participants can sign up for the entire series, or just one or two events, whatever their capacity allows. 

Become a #CLPP2021 Sponsor Today
Sponsorship is an effective way to reach a new and growing audience to promote your organization. As a #CLPP2021 sponsor, you make a powerful statement about your organization's commitment to reproductive justice. And this year, your sponsorship provides hundreds of people who haven't been able to attend CLPP conference in the past with the opportunity to do so virtually.

Share Your Message at the #CLPP2021
During the months of April and May, hundreds of participants will be able to engage with your organization and members of your organization in workouts, breakout rooms, and so much more during our virtual event series. For the months leading up to the virtual event series, sponsoring organizations will be highlighted in promotional materials and on social media.  

CLPP has a robust presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, reaching thousands of followers. 

#CLPP2021 Sponsorship Levels (based on non-profit organizational budget size)
In an effort to have our sponsorship program reflect our value of equity, this year we are offering the same benefits for all levels, and sponsorship amounts will be determined by organization budget levels.

Budget Size
Under 500K $250-$299
500K-1M $300-$499
1M-1.5M $500-$749
1.5M-2.5M $750-$999
2.5M-5M $1,000-$2,499
5M+ $2,500-$5,000


All sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition as a sponsor in CLPP emails to more than 10,000 activists 
  • Your name, logo, and a link to your organization listed on the CLPP website and on the #CLPP2021 virtual event platform
  • Promotion through CLPP social media
  • Opportunities to connect with event participants in our virtual exhibit hall (in our virtual exhibit hall, sponsors will have the opportunity to display ads, have opportunities for members from their organization to interact with event participants, and so much more!)
  • Your name on the official #CLPP2021 tote bag mailed to conference participants
  • Free registration code for members of your organization
  • Access to the email addresses of conference participants who opt in (grow your database!)

Sponsor #CLPP2021 today!

#CLPP2021 Advertising
Organizations can purchase ad space in the #CLPP2021 virtual exhibit hall. In our virtual exhibit hall, organizations will have the opportunity to display ads and have opportunities for members of their organization to interact with conference participants. This year, we're offering organizations the opportunity to choose their own ad price! 

Because this year has been difficult for organizations everywhere and we want to do our best to have our ad prices reflect our value of equity so we invite you to participate in our "choose your own ad price" adventure. Ads will be dispayed in our #CLPP2021 virtual exhibit hall where members from your organization will have the opportunity to interact with event participants. 

Ads must be paid for and submitted by April 16th, 2021.

Thank you for your continued support of CLPP!

If you have any questions, please contact Brenae Anacacy at banacacy@hampshire.edu.

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