The Christian Right’s Successful Strategies to Stop Abortion Access, Attack LGBT Rights, & Codify Conservative Religious Values

The Christian Right is one of the most successful social and political movements of modern times, yet its persistence and effectiveness has repeatedly caught those defending LGBT and reproductive health, rights, and justice off guard. Understanding the scope and resilience of this dynamic movement is essential. To defeat the Christian Right and secure bodily autonomy for everyone, we must understand what has made the Christian Right so successful, and we must be willing to rethink the infrastructure and strategies that LGBT and reproductive justice movements employ. This interactive workshop will provide a history and analysis of the Christian Right’s tactics and strategies, at the state-level, to systematically curtail abortion access, attack LGBT rights, and codify conservative religious values. Participants will come away with the tools to integrate an understanding and analysis into their work of the forces that strip away access to LGBT and reproductive health, rights and justice.


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