This Burden Isn't Ours to Carry: Unloading Young Parent Stigma

In the United States, young parents are labeled public health issues, considered economic burdens, and criticized for our reproductive choices. Without accurate counter-messaging, these public messages have been adopted and perpetuated by our healthcare providers, educators, policymakers, and people who have the power to determine if and when we can access support. We're being pushed out of schools, restricted from accessing safe abortions, denied safe birthing experiences, and deprived of the basic resources and social support every young person and/or parent deserves. Decisions are made for us without us, and this kind of isolation has negative impacts on our children, our families, and our communities. On the 6th anniversary of NoTeenShame's founding, we will come together to discuss these power differentials, the central role it plays to the influence of stigma on our lives, and how our community can support our restoration of power.


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