Building Accessibility at #CLPP2018

Each year, we work hard to ensure that CLPP’s conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, is accessible to as many people as possible. 

We recognize the disability justice movement’s rich history with reproductive justice. Part of what makes the conference such a joyful space is the huge range of people, experiences, and abilities that are present. (And your contribution at registration helps us to increase our capacity and programming around this work!)

We're working to remove barriers so that our disabled community members can organize with us. Our accessibility page has detailed information, and here are some highlights:

  • Our conference spaces are wheelchair-accessible (specific details on the accessibility page). If you don’t use mobility devices/don't need extra time and space for mobility, maintain space for folks to move through.
  • One disability-inclusive cultural practice is to be accepting of the many ways people communicate, think, and move, and the differing ways we all experience emotion, health, and sensory input. Please make an effort to hold that perspective with you during the conference weekend. To learn more, check out our disability justice resource page for more information, as well as these articles discussing disability etiquette, and this discussion of ableist language.
  • Give everyone room to breathe by being scent- and smoke-free to the extent that you are able. A growing number of conference-goers have allergies, asthma, or other chemical sensitivities to common chemicals and fragrances. Limiting your exposure to these chemicals allows more conference-goers to safely attend the conference.
  • Because flashing lights can trigger seizures or other symptoms, check with people around you before taking photographs, especially if using flash photography.

Please help us diminish access barriers so that the conference is accessible to more people each year. If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions, or want to volunteer or help organize around access, please email

Part of diminishing barriers to organizing is ensuring that parents and children aren't left behind! FInd out more about the resources available to parents and children, and don't forget to register if you need free childcare during conference weekend.

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