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This summer, students in CLPP's Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps worked at host sites around the country in community health, policy advocacy, communications, fundraising, and grassroots mobilization. Here are some of their highlights!
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Welcome Zoë and Jen!
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Wednesday, September 25th, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Prescott Tavern
It's the first CLPP Student Group meeting of the year! Come by for dinner and introductions, as well as going over community norms, and a conversation about all of our goals for this year's student group. We will also be doing a brief group activity to get our brains back on reproductive justice and all of the varied things that can mean. The student group meets bi-weekly to do activities, workshops, and have discussions about reproductive and social justice issues. In the spring, the student group works to help plan and work our annual conference! We work to foster a sense of community and leadership both in the group and in the greater reproductive justice movement. All levels of involvement and knowledge about reproductive justice activism are encouraged to attend!
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CLPP is hiring for two paid staff positions.

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All of us here at CLPP and PopDev would like to introduce you to our new staff members!

Audience at the 2013 CLPP conference.
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For over 30 years, CLPP has been working to realize a world in which all people have the economic, social, and political power necessary to make healthy decisions about our bodies, families, sexuality, and reproduction. Our annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, brings together activists and academics from across the U.S. and the world to share ideas and information, inspiring and supporting thought, reflection, growth, and collaboration across communities and generations. The conference is a space to share our stories—especially for people who are most often silenced and made invisible—to fuel social movements in pursuit of justice.


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