added March 8, 2017 by Adrian Ballou
Learn more about some of the amazing speakers bringing their experiences and knowledge to CLPP's 31st annual activist conference.
added February 28, 2017 by Adrian Ballou
The #CLPP2017 conference's abortion speakout provides a space for people who have had abortions to share their stories in a safe and supportive environment. Learn more here!
added February 6, 2017 by Gabe Sklan
Join us April 7-9 for a weekend of powerful reproductive justice organizing, strategizing, and making connections with other student and community activists at CLPP's 31st annual conference! Registration is open now!
added January 18, 2017 by Adrian Ballou
CLPP students and staff are joining thousands of our alums, friends, family, and loved ones to fight together against injustice. With you, we will continue to fight for safety, for survival—so that all of us can thrive and, together, realize our visions for the future.
added December 13, 2016 by Adrian Ballou
In this new year, visioning for the future is a revolutionary act. Join us in naming our wishes for a radically different world--post a picture of yourself holding your wish with the #CLPP2017 hashtag.
added December 12, 2016 by Adrian Ballou
CLPP is educating, inspiring and training rising young activists who are working on the front lines of reproductive justice. Join CLPP in creating a cascade of change: Invest in the Courtneys, Amandas, Sentis, and Rages of tomorrow.


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