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Your donation today will help us provide emerging reproductive justice leaders like Senti with the tools, training, and support they need to succeed in their frontline fight for reproductive justice.
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Left side of image has a pink and orange gradient overlaying an image of people at a CLPP conference plenary. There is the CLPP logo, along with text reading "civil liberties and public policy" and "building the movement for reproductive justice." On the right, there is the Valley Gives logo and text that reads, "May 2."

Valley Gives is TODAY!  

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Donate now to build the reproductive justice leadership of today and tomorrow.
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This is our first-ever Valley Gives (a local 24-hour online giving campaign), and our goal to raise $5000, which will bring six activists from around the country to our New Leadership Networking Initiative, a professional development program that gives new and emerging leaders the support and tools they need to succeed in their role as leaders in the reproductive justice movement. This May 2, support CLPP by making a gift on Valley Gives. Your gift will have an impact on resistance work across the country, and across issues. Yo can schedule your gift now through May 1 or give on Tuesday, May 2.

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Read about CLPP summer programs, Valley Gives, comings and goings on Hampshire campus, news from the CLPP network, and more in this e-News!
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This conference is a community space, and the feedback of everyone in our community is vital for building the movement. Our conference evaluation is available online. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your #CLPP2017 experience.


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