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People of color, trans/non-binary people, LGBQIA people, disabled people, immigrants, religious minorities in the US, fat people, and people from other communities that are currently and historically oppressed are strongly encouraged to apply.
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Our third national corps is comprised of 25 passionate, bright students who will complete 10-week summer internships at reproductive and social justice organizations around the country.

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CLPP's 2017 RRASC interns hail from all over the country (and internationally!). We are excited to welcome our incoming students!
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We raised a grand total of $9000 during Valley Gives week, which will bring eleven emerging reproductive justice leaders to our bi-annual gathering.
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Background is an image of a crowd at the 2016 conference plenary with a colorful gradient. Overlaid text reads: On Valley Gives Day,  CLPP aims to raise $6000 to bring  7 activists  to our professional networking & leadership development convening.

Power Hour is here! If you give between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST, CLPP is eligible for extra prizes. 

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Image of people smiling in a crowd at the conference plenary, overlaid with an orange and pink gradient. The CLPP logo and tagline, "building the movement for reproductive justice," is visible on the bottom of the image. A video play button and small numbers indicating the time (3:10) are on the image.Today, CLPP is participating in our first-ever Valley Gives (a local 24-hour online giving campaign)  and folks’ generosity has been inspiring.


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