Two people are smiling at the camera. One is holding a drawing that has text reading, "Abuelita knowledge is technology." Text in the top left corner reads, "Call for proposals #CLPP2018." There is a CLPP logo in the bottom left corner.
added August 14, 2017 by Lucy Trainor

We're accepting proposals for our annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom!

added June 22, 2017 by Adrian Ballou

This has been a year of intense attacks on our rights. In the face of fear, millions of individuals, communities, faiths, and organizations are joining together to deepen our resistance. More than ever, CLPP's work is critical and urgent. More than ever, we are proud to be part of this fierce movement for reproductive justice.

added June 14, 2017 by Lucy Trainor

Be the catalyst for CLPP student community next year! Deepen your understanding of reproductive justice and develop your student organizing skills.

added May 15, 2017 by Adrian Ballou
People of color, trans/non-binary people, LGBQIA people, disabled people, immigrants, religious minorities in the US, fat people, and people from other communities that are currently and historically oppressed are strongly encouraged to apply.
added May 15, 2017 by Adrian Ballou

Our third national corps is comprised of 25 passionate, bright students who will complete 10-week summer internships at reproductive and social justice organizations around the country.

added May 10, 2017 by Adrian Ballou
CLPP's 2017 RRASC interns hail from all over the country (and internationally!). We are excited to welcome our incoming students!


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