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Check out Sarah Buttenwieser's blog on getting educated at the CLPP conference: Career Counseling for Evan Bayh.

Sarah is one of the original organizers — and a long time supporter — of the conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom. Her radical media work is often showcased at the conference.

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Local newspaper covers the national protest over the anti-abortion ad scheduled to run during the Super Bowl. The article highlights CLPP's participation in the protest through interview material with CLPP Associate Director/Programs, Mia Kim Sullivan.

Sign the petition to Stop CBS Attack on Choice.

College backs protest over Super Bowl ad

By Kristin Palpini

AMHERST - Hampshire College has signed on to a protest of an anti-abortion ad slated to run during the Super Bowl.

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PopDev Director Betsy Hartmann writes in On the Issues Magazine:

It’s back to the bad old days of the population bomb. That was the title of an alarmist book by Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich that appeared in 1968. He suggested that world catastrophe would ensue unless women in poor parts of the world were prevented from having too many children.

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CLPP Director Marlene Gerber Fried and CLPP Associate Director/Programs Mia Kim Sullivan published "The Struggle for Reproductive Justice: A growing movement emerges to create broad-based social change" in the September/October 2009 RESIST Newsletter.


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The summer was jam-packed with exciting tales from RRASCs who joined staff at reproductive rights and social justice organizations all over the country.  In ten short weeks, they did everything from launching their own research projects to designing their own workshops: this summer, RRASCs attended national conferences, saw babies being born, supported patients through abortions, documented human rights abuses in immigrant communities across the country, made documentary films, visited activists incarcerated in California women's prisons, and met President Barack Obama.


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Authors' note: Hearing the news of George Tiller’s murder brought all of us here at CLPP and our sister program, PopDev, to work this week with immense sadness and fear. We had many questions about the place of abortion in our communities and movements and felt a drive to step outside the current debate to engage in a new dialogue free from violence and rooted in justice. Over the past two days, we discussed together our own reactions and our responsibilities as members of our local community. Here is our response, originally published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette (June 3, 2009).


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