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Some readers  might be interested in this article on abortion in conservative states:


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Meet Lindsey Bartgis and Madeline Ambrose. Both Lindsey and Madeline traveled with a group all the way from Oklahoma last spring to participate in our 24th annual conference “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom”.  See highlights from our 2010 conference!

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We at CLPP are celebrating our 30th anniversary.  Who do I mean by "we"?  I mean you, me, and everyone else who has moved in, out, and through CLPP and PopDev programs.

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CLPP has been going strong for the past 30 years and continues onward, inspiring and training young activists like myself. My name is Anna, I am currently a third-year Hampshire student and dedicated member of the CLPP community. Since my first semester at Hampshire I have been involved with CLPP, both as a member of the CLPP student group and as a CLPP work-study intern.

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Hi everyone!

I’m Courtney, one of the student blog coordinators for our 30th Anniversary blog: 1981 to Tomorrow: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom. CLPP has been a part of many people’s lives in many different ways. Whether you postered around the area to advertise student group meetings or co-chaired an organizing committee in the student group, led a workshop, attended a workshop or a plenary at the CLPP conference, took a class with Marlene Gerber Fried or Betsy Hartmann or spoke as a guest at a CLPP class, we invite you to share your memories. We welcome all types of connection with CLPP. Don’t be shy! All of our individual experiences tell a larger, collective tale.

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NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts has updated their Directory of Abortion Services and made it available to the public on their website. In addition to updating all of the information about abortion services and prices at clinics and hospitals in Massachusetts, there are listings of later term abortion services that can be procured out of state.

Check out their updated listings!


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