Youth Sexual and Reproductive Rights
added May 28, 2012 by CLPP
May 28 is International Day of Action for Women’s Health, and we at CLPP are joining the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights to call for full recognition of young people’s sexual and reproductive rights in our communities throughout the world.
added May 27, 2012 by CLPP
As a Moroccan young woman, I have witnessed social injustice, and from a young age, I was exposed to many adversities around me. Consequently, I developed a strong sense of activism. To me, social justice and reproductive rights mean the right to make healthy decisions, to create a community that values human rights, and to have a fulfilling and satisfying life.
added May 26, 2012 by CLPP
Both in South Korea and Myanmar (Burma), there are many stereotypes that prohibit the general public from discussing sexuality. Many times, I have seen people are afraid to talk about their own experiences or ideas. However, it often turns out that everyone feels the same but no one actually addresses the issue. This is coming from misinformation about sexual and reproductive health.
added May 25, 2012 by CLPP
As a young Latina, I try to educate myself and other young people in my community on their rights and their choices. It is important to make sure we continue to move forward with young people's sexual and reproductive rights. We have come along way but there is still a lot of work to do and changes that need to be made to ensure that everyone has these rights. Limited access to services and information has a huge impact on young people's lives.
added May 18, 2012 by CLPP
It’s graduation season in the Pioneer Valley, and we at CLPP send heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all the graduates we have worked with. As office interns, student group members, and interns with the Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps, you have contributed your talents and developed your expertise. We are excited for you and proud to have worked with you.
Hampshire College Ingenuity Awards
added May 16, 2012 by CLPP
Every year at Hampshire College, students, staff, and faculty send in nominations for the Ingenuity Awards. These awards honor students who have made a significant contribution to our community. This year, five students who have worked with CLPP received awards in recognition of their outstanding work and initiative. They are Bailey Hanselman, Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd, Iesha Ramos, Lauren Casey, and Yasmine El Baggari. We are inspired by their passion and commitment to reproductive justice!


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