RRASC interns 2012
added April 10, 2012 by CLPP
We are excited to announce the 2012 Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps (RRASC) summer interns. We congratulate these 23 students from six area schools who will represent CLPP, Hampshire College, and their home institutions this summer at organizations from coast to coast. The interns, their current schools, and their internship host sites are...
CLPP conference
added March 10, 2012 by Lani Blechman

I’m excited. I’ve been excited ever since September, when the CLPP Student Group began another year of hosting reproductive justice workshops and creating visions for our organizing. Now we’re hard at work planning transportation, childcare, the Abortion Speak Out, and so much more for our 26th annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom. Things are busy around CLPP and PopDev this time of year!

2012 Conference
added March 8, 2012 by CLPP
The CLPP office is filled with boxes of programs, packets, and conference workshop materials. Students and staff are channeling their passions by working overtime to get everything set. People have been supporting us flowers and snacks. And all the strong, smart, amazing people who will be attending and speaking this weekend are getting excited to learn, connect, and renew! By Luis Vargas at PopDev: “Every conference is a reminder that there is still so much to do...."
Justice clip art
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After capturing the nation’s attention in 2011 for using a babysitter’s address to secure educational opportunities for her 5-year old son, this past week Tanya McDowell pled guilty and was sentenced for “stealing” her son’s education. McDowell was sentenced to 12 years in prison, suspended after five years, and will be released with strict probation conditions. Her probation will include paying back up to $6,200 to the city of Norwalk, CT, for the education her son received. The assertion that a single mother – already struggling to survive – is a criminal because she wanted a good education for her son has pulled at the heartstrings of people across the country. It is also a reproductive justice issue.
CLPP Conference Panel
added March 2, 2012 by CLPP

Wondering what to expect at the conference this year? A look through last year’s many blog posts from before, during, and after the conference should give you an idea.

Mahayana, writing on Amplify, could have been writing yesterday instead of last year:

“Over the past few months, it’s been difficult to watch the governments of various states declare their shamefully ignorant disrespect of women’s bodies and minds. Each one feels like a personal insult, and I fear that my state could be next….

added February 29, 2012 by Morgan Drewniany

As an environmental chemistry major, I am constantly asked by people in my department why I work for a civil liberties program on campus instead of getting a job being a research assistant or concentrating on hard science work. My answer lies a lot in what it means to be a Hampshire student in general. I strongly believe that to be a well-rounded scientist, and a scientist whose work is valuable to what's happening in the world right now, you MUST be involved in social justice and realize the connections between it and environmental justice.


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