Valentines for Birth Control
added February 20, 2012 by CLPP

Last week, as the news kept coming of attempts to restrict access to birth control, students and supporters around the country used Valentine’s Day as a focal point. We signed petitions, Tweeted at our representatives, and affirmed that access to healthcare—including birth control—is essential to our well-being and self-determination. Check out the over 500 photos from this action, “Birth Control 4 Us.”

Take Root logo
added February 17, 2012 by CLPP

Next weekend, February 24-25, the OU Women's and Gender Studies Program and the Center for Social Justice will present their 2012 conference, Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice together with cosponsors the Student Organizer's Collective, the Abortion Access Project, National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Gender and Women's Studies at Oklahoma State University, Trust Women, OK4RJ, and Civil Liberties and Public Policy.  The conference will provide an introduction to reproductive justice for students, academics, practitioners, advocates, and members of the public. It is also an opportunity to explore reproductive justice from a regional perspective.

added February 14, 2012 by Lani Blechman
Getting to the conference can be expensive! We are committed to bringing together student and community activists who are most affected by reproductive injustices – and who are on the front lines of creating reproductive justice! As part of this commitment, we have fundraising resources for you to use and some stipends available to lower your travel and hotel expenses.
conference participants with packets
added February 14, 2012 by CLPP
Each year at our conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, all participants receive a packet of information and resources. We need your help to make this year’s packet useful, informative, and comprehensive. If you know of an accessible and awesome fact sheet, report, guide, or other resource related to reproductive health, human rights, or social justice, please let us know!
Valentine for Birth Control
added February 13, 2012 by CLPP

Last week, President Obama reaffirmed that women will be able to access no-copay birth control even if they work for an employer or attend a college that does not want to provide it. If an employer or school has decided not to provide contraceptive coverage on religious grounds, insurance companies will be required to provide no-copay birth control coverage to women directly. While the Catholic Health Association has already come out in support of this solution, Republicans in Congress are only increasing their efforts to roll back birth control access.

2011 Conference Design
added February 10, 2012 by Kat Good-Schiff
Friday, February 24th, 4:00 pm
Civil Liberties and Public Policy
You're invited to create a design for our conference! The conference design will be printed on conference T-shirts, signs, publications, and maybe more. We hope the design will convey excitement, action, connections, and leadership around reproductive justice. We hope the design will speak to people of all genders and ethnic/racial groups. We hope the text will be easy to read.


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