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CLPP is educating, training, and inspiring rising young leadership on the front lines of reproductive justice. Meet one of our 16,000 alums.
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The Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps (RRASC) is a 10-week paid summer internship program sponsored by CLPP. Undergraduate students intern at reproductive rights and social justice organizations around the country, working on a wide array of issues from reproductive health, economic justice, immigrant rights, rights of indigenous peoples, LGBTQ rights, human rights, intimate partner abuse, and mass incarceration.
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5,000 Activists Rally in Washington, D.C.
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"It’s so important, as the children of parents doing this work, to remember how brave they are."
Rachael and IonaPearl, 2015-2016 Student Group Coordinators, introduce plenary speakers at the CLPP 2016 Conference.
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Be the catalyst for CLPP student community next year! Deepen your understanding of reproductive justice and develop your student organizing skills.
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