The Fight for Reproductive Freedom: Spring 2012



In this newsletter:

  • 2012 Elections: Expanding the Conversation
    A roundtable discussion with Deborah Peterson Small, Lucy Panza, and Jaymes Winell
    In an election year, even as we plan to vote for the candidates that best represent our concerns, it is more important than ever that we do not allow mainstream politics and political agendas to eclipse our activism and our visions for social justice and true reproductive freedom.
  • International Day of Action for Women's Health: Young People's Sexual and Reproductive Rights
    By Yasmine El Baggari, Suyeon Min, and Iesha Ramos
    May 28 was International Day of Action for Women’s Health, and we at CLPP joined the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights to call for full recognition of young people’s sexual and reproductive rights in our communities throughout the world. Three CLPP students blogged about their experiences in their home countries.
  • Conference Highlights
    Our 26th annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, took place April 13-15, 2012. 1,142 activists, students, academics, and professionals from 134 campuses and 234 organizations came for a weekend of workshops, performances, networking, and conversations.
  • CLPP Alumni: Connecting and Creating Change
    Organizing in Oklahoma, crafting advocacy communications, challenging gender stereotypes, leading social change organizations, and more. Read the news from these CLPP alums and send us your updates as well!
  • New People at CLPP
    Faculty and staff bring new perspectives and strengths to our work.


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