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Over 1,200 participants joined together April 8-10 to share knowledge, connect with each other, and build community. This incredible conference would not have been possible without your presence as organizational leaders, community members, families, activists, and students. Thank you for joining us!
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This year, for the second year in a row, CLPP is asking those conference attendees who are willing and able to use an electronic version of our program. It helps us save paper and save on costs! You can download the program here.

Thanks so much for supporting CLPP's move towards a more eco-friendly conference!

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by Adrian Ballou, Communications and Development Associate

As we put the finishing touches on conference materials and workshops, one piece of conference attendance is at the forefront of our minds—ensuring everyone is able to access #CLPP2016.

Mia Mingus, past CLPP conference speaker, coined the term access intimacy: the ease in relationships that happens when disabled people don’t have to continually push for basic needs.

We strive to make that a reality in our movement spaces.

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Our Fall 2015 newsletter features community organizing in the Rio Grande Valley and Q&As with our 2015 RRASC interns!
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On October 3, 1977 Rosuara “Rosie” Jiménez became the first known victim to be killed by the Hyde Amendment. “We remember her because she has become a symbol—a human face—of all women and girls everywhere who are denied their human right to safe, legal, funded, and accessible abortion care.” (Bloom)  

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Applications for the 2016 Conference Travel Stipend Award program are now available! Read on to learn more about the program and how to apply.


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