Black and Jewish Liberation Practices in the Pro-Choice Movement

There is a rich, imperfect history between Black and Jewish communities in the United States. When it comes to reproductive justice, both Black and Jewish communities have factions within that fight female bodily autonomy and are anti-choice. At the same time, Black and Jewish communities have been faced with horrible systems of oppression by white supremacists that subjected them to forced sterilization and other experimentation against their wills. Both communities have roots in the social justice movement, both out of necessity and desire. Yet we are not immune to our own conflicts: there exists in the Jewish community the ugly specter of racism, and in the Black community, there is anti-Semitism. Many of us are working on these festering problems within our own communities, particularly for those who straddle both worlds. We believe that the Black and Jewish communities are strong enough and principled enough, and have enough shared history and love for one another to overcome these painful hurdles in order to build on our bonds and break through any chains that seek to hold us down. The white cis heteronormative has used us, and used us against one another, and it needs to end. Now. Yesterday. Centuries ago. Black and Jewish communities will, do, and should always strive to work together to combat white supremacy in the anti-choice movement and the feminist movement. This panel is suitable for anyone. It centers around Black and Jewish voices; however, people from all walks of life are welcome and highly encouraged to participate. This is a traditional panel that will have space for audience/presenter interaction.


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