#BeBoldEndHyde: The Movement to End the Hyde Amendment

For 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has targeted poor people, people of color and young people by banning abortion coverage from Medicaid--condemning many to unsafe procedures or unwanted pregnancies. Women of color in the reproductive justice movement have risen up to take on Hyde and, with it, 40 years of stigma and silence. In the last 5 years, All* Above All introduced the EACH Woman Act, proactive state & local policies, built relationships with the economic justice movement, and mobilized thousands of grassroots supporters. Until recently, both political parties routinely negotiated away abortion coverage--former President Obama referred to Hyde as an “institution”. This year, for the first time, Democratic candidates and the Democratic Platform are calling for the repeal of Hyde. Learn how our leaders, hungry for change, are braving a political hornet’s nest and how you can ensure the end of Hyde.


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