Be our next Young Feminist Collaborative facilitator

We're seeking a facilitator and co-facilitator for our pre-college summer program, Young Feminist Collaborative (YFC). YFC is a two-week program that mixes historical and political contexts of activism with exposure to real world careers in social justice and the non-profit sector. YFC is an immersion into feminist thinking and action designed for those who have an interest in movement building, gender justice, and creating community. Participants will leave with a solid foundation in contemporary feminism, a vast list of resources and connections, and a foundation in idea articulation and persuasive and critical thinking. More information about the program can be found here.

Much of the student learning during YFC happens outside of the classroom, so program staff must be conversant in the issues discussed and able to help students process effectively. Facilitators must be able to work in tandem as well as collaborate with sponsoring organizations Soapbox and Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP).

The program runs from Sunday, July 15th to Friday, July 27th. Facilitators are expected to be "on" 24/7 during program weeks, with exact hours and responsibilities to be negotiated prior to the start of the program. Facilitators must also be available for a number of hours prior to the program start for planning and curriculum development. Please note that this is a temporary/seasonal position. Please see the job posting for the senior facilitator position and the co-facilitator position for more information on timeline, expectations, and details on compensation.

Applications are due Friday, February 23rd. Please direct your resume and cover letter to Meghan Cassidy, Director of Summer Programs, at

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