BC4US: Respect My Independence

In February of this year, the Obama administration affirmed its commitment to women's health care and issued a rule requiring birth control coverage without co-pays under the health care law. It makes sense: Birth control is basic, preventive health care. In fact, 99% of all women have used birth control in their lifetime. Despite a solution that upholds women's health AND guarantees that insurance companies — not religious colleges or institutions — foot the bill, some social conservatives still aren't happy. Their attacks on the President have increased steadily since February and are reaching a fever pitch in the weeks leading up to July 4th — which means it's time once again for all of us to raise our voices!

On June 28th, the Supreme court declared that the Affordable Care Act (the umbrella health care legislation) is -- in fact -- constitutional. But we're not resting on this decision alone. We need to continue to hold our legislators accountable.

This Independence Day, declare YOUR independence from those leaders who want to control our bodies and our lives: TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HHS SECRETARY SEBELIUS THAT YOU SUPPORT THEIR DECISION to make birth control available with no co-pay:

Join our growing album, BC4US: Respect my independence.

CLPP is excited to work with the Youth Organizing Working Group in engaging with the BC4US campaign. Shout out to Advocates for Youth and AmplifyYourVoice.org for taking the lead on this social media campaign! Did you join us on Valentine's Day for the first BC4US campaign? Hope you'll do it again!

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