Alicia Jay

"I grew up at the Civil Liberties and Public Policy program, and still consider it my first activist home. CLPP is where I learned to think and speak from a justice framework. CLPP is where I learned how important it is to have a strong community in this work. CLPP is where I started to find my own voice as a leader. When I walk through the doors I have the same feeling I did a decade ago--I belong here, and so do you."

Name: Alicia Jay

CLPP Alum: Summer Intern, 2005; Student Organizer, 2007; Alumni Fellow 2007-2008

Now:  I'm the co-founder and the managing director for Make It Work, a new national campaign focusing on economic security issues for working families in the U.S., including equal pay, work and family, and caregiving through online and offline organizing, policy change, and strategic communications.

I am also the founder and principal coach at Rabble Up, a program helping emerging social change activists in their 20s and 30s to make change and get paid.