Tiffany Tai


University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Northborough, MA

Academic Concentration: 

Public Health, English


Intership Summary: Provided development support; researched and created a toolkit to help funds become 501(c)3 organizations through the Network’s umbrella group exemption status; and assisted with preparation, staffing, and evaluation of the Network’s National Organizing Summit.

Biography: Tiffany is a rising senior, a Capricorn, and a Snake. She recently completed a two-year social justice, community service learning program at UMass, in which she helped put together the Food Drive Network in order to coordinate community food drives for the Amherst Survival Center. Besides social justice-y work, Tiff has also worked in Residence Life, New Students Orientation, and retail. She hopes to pursue a magical career that somehow integrates Public Health, social justice, and English, but if all else fails, her back up plan is to bar tend and cut hair, at the same time.