Martina Bottinelli


Hampshire College


many homes, no one town

Academic Concentration: 

Displacement and the Social Construction of Borders


Internship highlights: Martina joined the new Youth Reproductive Justice team at SPARK and helped organize a focus group on the needs of queer youth around sexual health, sexuality, relationships, communication, services and an art party where youth created art which then was published for the Atlanta community in the form of a ‘zine; also attended the State Social Forum in Kentucky.

Biography: Martina became committed to social justice when she began organizing with a collective of snazzy, high-spirited, passionate, queer feminists in Naples, Italy. Since then, she's been striving towards active anti-racism, creating spaces for youth voice and empowerment, while continually challenging her own internalizations of patriarchy and heteronormativity. A queer, white, woman-identified activist, she hopes to raise many children and be forever moving towards liberation.