Laura Harris


Mount Holyoke College


New York, NY

Academic Concentration: 

African and African American Studies


Internship Summary: Drafted a case narrative and organized summaries for cases in which women were prosecuted or jailed in connection with their pregnancies; and conducted community outreach with youth from Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH).

Biography: Laura was born and raised in New York City, in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. She's Jamish - half Jamaican and half Irish. She has learned a lot from being a part of both communities of color and more white communities- she likes to say she's had the best of both worlds! These two worlds have definitely influenced the kind of work Laura currently involves herself in and the kind of work she want to do in the future. Laura will be declaring her major in African and African-American studies at Mount Holyoke college next year and is really excited! She loves doing community work, especially working with children. In her mothers neighborhood she's known as the girl who's always with the kids. Laura hopes to pursue a career in humanitarian aid work.