Julia Metzger-Traber


Hampshire College


Lexington, MA

Academic Concentration: 

Constructions, Regulation, Obstructions of Black Maternity in the U.S.


Julia only began to understand the injustice of, not just the abuse within, prisons themselves as well as the larger criminal justice system about a year and a half ago after viewing a screening of a Critical Resistance documentary about the Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. But since then she has not been able to study anything about this country that is not affected by or implicated in the Prison Industrial Complex and our ideas of criminality. Race, reproductive empowerment, and deconstructing myths for fragmenting and dominating bodies is her focus. She is also a comedic performer and loves to laugh. She is from Lexington, MA about 15 minutes outside Boston, transfered from Smith to Hampshire in 2006 and is in the middle of her Division III (senior thesis) project. She could not be more thrilled to be going to Oakland to work with the powerful women at Justice Now.
Internship final reports: 
2008Justice Now
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