Brittany Williams


Hampshire College


Atlanta, GA

Academic Concentration: 

African American Studies, Law, and Media Representation


Internship Summary: Analyzed the Public Religion Research Institute’s Report on Millenials; supported SisterSong’s 2011 National Conference, Let’s Talk about Sex; wrote for the organization’s newsletter, Collective Voices; and provided support for and participated in a convening linking the environmental justice and reproductive justice movements.

Biography: Brit Williams is a first generation student with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Since she was young, Brit understood many of the problems facing her community and saw education, policy change, and advocacy as ways to alleviate some of those tensions, hence her yearn for a law school education. She is most interested in issues relating to criminality of the Black body, poverty, abortion rights, sexual assault prevention, and the Prison Industrial Complex. She is excited for her internship this summer.