Apryl Green


Greenfield Community College


Ashfield, MA

Academic Concentration: 

Women's Studies


Internship Highlights: Apryl created a guide on supporting children living in domestic violence shelters, including common emotional and behavior problems, effective discipline techniques, suggested activities, and crisis planning; and served as a child advocate, documenting the status of children living in the organization’s family shelter and taking the children on educational and recreational outings.

Biography: Apryl Green is a passionate gender and women’s studies major working on her AA at Greenfield Community College. She resides in scenic Shelburne Falls where she works full-time while taking classes. She plans to get certified as a childcare provider as soon as possible, and will pursue a career in support and advocacy for women when she finishes school.

Ask Apryl

Why did you apply?
The RRASC Program really spoke to my values and ambitions as a Women’s Studies major. The program opened my eyes to the types of jobs that I may have a future in – and I feel so grateful for the chance to work at an organization whose mission I felt so invested in.

What was the best or most exciting part of your internship?
The best part of working at Safe Passage for me was having the chance to plan and create fun trips for the children at the shelter. It was wonderful for me to see them smile during a time of such turmoil and change.

What did you do during your “free” time?
During any down time that I had, I mostly talked with the people around me. I really enjoyed collaborating with my coworkers, and conversations I had with residents were very valuable to me.

How do you plan to bring what you learned and experienced this summer back to campus?
This fall, I began working for another non-profit as an outreach coordinator, doing mostly volunteer recruitment. On campus I disperse fliers and alert staff and students of ways they can get involved in their communities –which I think is really the most important thing a person can do. My internship at Safe Passage changed the way I view myself not only in terms of my school community, but on a much larger scale as well.

Internship final reports: 
2010Safe Passage
PDF icon Apryl_Green_Final_Report.pdf