Anupriya Rachel Jacob


University of Washington


Chantilly, VA

Academic Concentration: 

Public Health (BA); Minor in Anthropology and Law, Societies, and Justice


Anupriya is a third year at the University of Washington studying Public Health, Anthropology, and Law, Societies and Justice. She is interested in the constraints surrounding choice in reproductive care and is excited to learn more as she goes on in life. She is South Indian and very proud to be. Anupriya coordinates youth voter registration efforts with WashPIRG's New Voter's Project and is also doing activism in Seattle's South Asians for Black Lives Matter movement. Otherwise, she is at home petting her dogs, eating snacks, or creating chaotic playlists on Spotify. She is also passionate about the culture of concert-going as a means of self-care and can be found as close to the stage as possible because she is 5'2." Cheers!!!
Internship final reports: