Brett Bellefleur
Brett Bellefleur is a trans Division II student at Hampshire College pursuing studies in prison abolition, and reproductive justice. This is their second year working as a campus programs intern, assisting in outreach for CLPP's programs, as well as the annual conference. Brett is very honored to be a CLPP leader, and they hope to continue to do work with CLPP for years to come!
Saffron Turner
Saffron is a third year student at Hampshire College working in communications and web design with CLPP. They have been a member of CLPP student group for three years helping to plan the conference's accessibility and hospitality initiatives. Her studies focus on investigating mass incarceration's effects on the family through a reproductive justice lens. They also enjoy studying feminist and queer theory, disability studies, history, journalism, and affect theory. Saffron was introduced to the concept of reproductive justice at her first CLPP meeting and has been interested in helping all achieve this vision ever since. Their special interests that they make sure to indulge every year at conference include HIV/AIDS activism, southern organizing, prison abolition, and the child welfare system. One of her dreams is to see the anti-abortion billboards along Interstate 4 in her home state of Florida cease to exist.
Valentina Forte-Hernandez
Valentina Forte-Hernandez is a Division I student at Hampshire College and she is extremely excited to begin working with CLPP. She plans on studying film in college and is the founder of the independent film company Bear Valley Films. In addition to film making she enjoys writing and acting. She is thrilled to begin her first year at college and her first year with CLPP.