Blair Talbot


Hampshire College

Academic Concentration: 

Feminist Politics


Biography: Blair is a third year at Hampshire College studying feminist theory and politics. She works as a history research and archival assistant at the library, a leader for Anti-Sexists & Feminists United Collective (ASFUC), a leader for the peer sexual health advocacy group the Sexperts, and a co-chair for the CLPP Conference's Entertainment Committee. She is a strong advocate for comprehensive sex education, building coalitions across social justice movements, and politically conscious post-punk music. She believes in the transformative potential of political performance art, loves tinkering with and riding her bike, and hopes to someday smash the phallocracy. Blair is looking forward to leafing through the Center for Sex and Culture's library and collaborating with CSC's expansive network of fabulous artists and activists!

Internship final reports: 
2012Center for Sex and Culture