Anna Shaddae Rodriguez


Hampshire College

Academic Concentration: 

Legal Theory & Ethnography


Biography: Shaddae is a student at Hampshire College. She has a passion for language. Growing up in the Boston area in a household where Spanish was predominantly spoken, she found herself relied upon for her hard-earned English language proficiency. Constant study eventually turned into debate team success in high school. Currently at Hampshire, she uses her research and public speaking skills in the study of legal theory and ethnography. She hopes to use this internship to expand her knowledge of reproductive rights and have a better understanding of her place within feminist movements as a woman of color. She is also really excited to meet people that have made it their lives to work towards social justice, because she feels that for a lot of college students, the role of activist is only a temporary one. It's easy to advocate for change in a space that fosters critical thinking but she imagines it's much harder to advocate for change in the "real" world.

Internship final reports: 
2012Class Action