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Comments Policy: Civil Liberties and Public Policy

In building the movement for reproductive justice, we believe that radical love, an attitude of constant learning, and a commitment to centering those who are most marginalized will create a space where we all can grow into community and leadership in the movement.

We center reproductive justice and its intersections with many movements. It’s why we talk about abortion access, forced sterilization, and birth control alongside immigrant rights, HIV/AIDS, and mass incarceration. It’s why we have a specific focus on reproductive justice while giving a sense of news, ideas, and issues coming from the constellation of social movements that work alongside and interweave with reproductive justice.

Our goal in social media is to hold our community in the process of growing and learning more. We welcome comments that are in this spirit, that hold space for the realities of living with oppression and also each person’s next step in understanding the world we live in. We encourage respectful and earnest dialogue, thoughts, and questions—please post!

In order to maintain that community, CLPP will use blanket discretion to delete a comment and/or ban a commenter who is making hateful, rude, vulgar, disrespectful, or other statements that violate these guidelines. If you notice a hateful comment or have a question about why your comment was deleted/banned, or have any other questions, please get in touch with us .

Thank you for engaging with our online community! We look forward to continuing the conversation about reproductive justice with each of you, both on and offline.