About Us

Image of Namrata Jacob clapping at the 2014 CLPP conference plenary. Text reads, When I first joined CLPP, I transitioned from a supporter to an activist. I had a quiet fire in me, and CLPP gave it oxygen. 
Namrata Jacob, Hampshire College ’17

Our mission: We inspire, educate, train and support new activists and leadership to secure reproductive and sexual rights, freedom, and justice for everyone.

Our vision: A world where reproductive justice is a basic human right & the conditions to attain it are available to everyone.

Reproductive justice, a term coined by Black women in 1994, expands the conversation around abortion rights to include the impacts of racism and other intersecting oppressions.

At CLPP, we know that, in addition to abortion access, people need access to contraception, culturally proficient healthcare, housing, healthy food, safe environments, and the power and resources to realize those rights.

We take the reproductive justice framework to heart, creating a platform for social justice movements to weave together their work and mobilize across communities.

Our Programs

CLPP provides opportunities for:

Bridging academics and activism, CLPP creates spaces where students and scholars build upon each other’s work. Through our work, we strengthen grassroots organizations and allied social justice movements, striving to center the most marginalized voices in the room.

Our Impact

Image of Loretta Ross and Adisa Stewart speaking at the 2017 conference closing plenary. Text reads, CLPP has seeded the next generation of leaders in the movement. Loretta Ross, SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective.

More than 17,000 students and young activists have participated in CLPP programs. Nearly 75% of alumni remain active in the field, many in leadership positions. Each year, we support more than 300 grassroots organizations and close to 1,300 students, young leaders, and community activists who are all working towards reproductive justice.

Learn what more of our alums have to say here.

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While we are based at Hampshire College, our programs are open to young activists and students throughout the country, and we are actively expanding to reach and respond to areas that are deeply in need of this work. Hampshire generously covers our overhead, but the bulk of our $1.5 million budget is raised from foundations and generous individuals like you.

Please join us in building the next generation of advocates and activists.