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Unpacking Oppressions: A Youth Zine

Wed, 2012/05/30 - 2:08pm -- CLPP
youth action coalition

As part of our conference last month, the Youth Action Coalition (YAC) led a zine-making workshop called "Unpacking Oppression: Youth Liberation Through Media." The goal of this hands-on workshop was to tackle issues faced by youth through art. Youth leaders from YAC facilitated by sharing their skills and beliefs as well as documenting the workshop.

The session included discussion time about whether and how we have seen our experiences portrayed in the media, and reflections on our identities and the way we would want to see them in the world. Participants then created this original zine. It's thoughtful and beautiful, so check it out! Maybe you'll be inspired to create something, too.

See all the zine images.

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