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added May 22, 2013 by Leticia Contreras
Cyrée Jarelle Johnson is a self-described high femme with a chronic illness and whole lot of dykey spunk. Ze is a writer, development associate for Roots and River Productions, and a blogger for elixher.com. Leticia Contreras, CLPP's Communications Assistant, interviews Cyreé about hir RRASC internship with Women With a Vision, femme visibility, the struggle of living in an ableist world, and what being a political black, high femme, lesbian means to hir.
added May 21, 2013 by Leticia Contreras

GINKS - Green Inclined, Missing the Target

by April Dunlop, Hampshire College

Newsletter 2013
added May 21, 2013 by Leticia Contreras

Humiliation is Not Prevention: New York City's Shaming of Teen Mothers

By Valentina Forte - Hernandez, Hamphire College

I walked into the Civil Liberties and Public Policy office one Wednesday to start my day of work when I saw a co-worker looking at a picture of a crying baby. Next to the baby were words that read, “Honestly mom…chances are he won’t stay with you. What happens to me?” This image was one of several of New York City’s new ads aimed at preventing teen pregnancy. These ads started to be displayed in bus shelters and on subways in early March, and as the child and grandchild of teen mothers I was outraged.

added May 21, 2013 by Leticia Contreras
The spring 2013 issue of the Fight for Reproductive Freedom features highlights from our 27th Annual Conference for Student and Community Activists, articles on NYC's campaign to shame teen mothers, critical looks of the "green revolution", femme visibility, and much more!
added November 9, 2012 by CLPP
The fall 2012 issue of the Fight for Reproductive Freedom features interviews with interns in our Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps, an in-depth story about an internship at Women With A Vision in New Orleans, CLPP alumni news, and more!
added November 6, 2012 by CLPP
Organizing law students, fighting nuclear waste, starting an abortion fund, giving sex-positive advice, and more. Read the news from these CLPP alums and send us your updates!


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