Student Leaders

Zoë Boyle
Zoë Boyle is a second year, Div II student at Hampshire College and the 2014 student group co-coordinator. They are studying queer studies and health/medicine, hoping to one day go to medical school and become a doctor specializing in queer and trans* health. During their first year at Hampshire they signed for the Queer Community Alliance and participated in the Hampshire Sexperts, work they hope to continue through their career at Hampshire College. They have a deep love for cats, coffee, and all-girl rock bands. This is their first year working with CLPP.
Camille Gharib
Camille Gharib is a second year, Division II student at Hampshire College studying 20th-century literature and politics, with a focus on resistance. She currently works for CLPP's sister organization, PopDev, as a political writing and research intern, and will credit every achievement of her life to the healing power of tea. She is thrilled to return as a co-chair for Accessibility and Hospitality and work with co-chairs Suyeon, Wilberthe, and the rest of the committee!
Jazmyn Price
Jazmyn Price is a first year at Mount Holyoke College. This is her first year working with CLPP and she is extremely excited. She is pursuing a double major in gender studies and economics, with a concentration on the political economy of race. Jazmyn enjoys reading, watching HBO, and listening to Motown music.
Jennifer Su
Jen is a fourth year/Division III student at Hampshire College and the 2014 conference co-coordinator. She studies women’s health and gender studies through a reproductive justice lens, and will focus on race and sex selective abortion bans as her Division III project. She hopes to pursue law school after graduating Hampshire in the spring. Jen worked at the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum in Washington, D.C. as a 2013 RRASC intern. This is her third year working with CLPP and she is excited to work with fellow co-coordinator Zoë and the rest of the student group this year. Jen loves all dogs, especially her german shepherd Daisy. In her free time she likes spending time with her friends and family and eating french fries.
Mariah Salyer
Mariah Salyer is from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is a second year student at Hampshire College. Mariah is studying Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Reproductive Justice, and Outdoor Education. This is Mariah's second year working on the outreach committee for the CLPP conference, and Mariah's first time as a committee co-coordinator.
Mia Reilly
Mia is a junior at Mount Holyoke College. She is a gender studies major with a minor in public health. She currently works for the Mount Holyoke Gender Studies department as a Department Student Liaison and Teaching Assistant. She is one of three co-chairs for the community outreach committee for the 2013 CLPP conference, and was also an entertainment committee co-chair for the 2011 conference. In her free time she does lots of yoga and eats as many Sour Patch Kids as possible.