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Host Sites

Since 1999, RRASC interns from local colleges and universities have interned at more than 100 organizations throughout the U.S. and in 8 other countries. The following is a list of organizations at which RRASC interns may be placed this year.

Please note, many organizations are multi-issue and work at the intersections of oppressions and identities. This means most—if not all—of them could be categorized in more than one field. The purpose of listing them by just one field is to give you a brief introduction to the primary focus of this summer's internship opportunity; this categorization is not a comprehensive summary of the work interns may do.

RRASC internships are substantive in nature and require certain skills and background. Applicants, please read each internship description completely and carefully and visit the organization’s website before choosing your top five internship placements.

We are continuing to update our host sites; please continue to review this application during your application process and before you make your site choices to make sure you are working with the most updated list.