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Our friends at Advocates for Youth are once again searching for the most bold and visionary college students from around the United States to receive 500 condoms to distribute on their college campuses. What kind of ingenious plans will you come up with to distribute condoms? Condom lollipops? Condom scavenger hunt? Condom raffle tickets? Condom demonstration flash mob?
Headphones designed by Kevin Wynn from The Noun Project
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CLPP is now on iTunes! Take CLPP and the inspiring ideas of our presenters wherever you go with your listening device or computer.
Marlene Gerber Fried
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We are excited to announce that CLPP's Marlene Gerber Fried was one of two fabulous women honored recently by Ibis Reproductive Health. They celebrated Ibis's 10th anniversary and honored Marlene and Jessica Valenti with the Ibis Reproductive Health Evidence in Activism Award.
W. Brandon Lacy Campos
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"Ain't nobody in this world going to give us our liberation. We need to break those chains ourselves, and we have to start by holding each other close in a way that says clearly that I am you. You are me. And I will do the work to undo the legacy of oppression, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, immigration status, and skin privilege that keeps me from you and you from me..."
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The fall 2012 issue of the Fight for Reproductive Freedom features interviews with interns in our Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps, an in-depth story about an internship at Women With A Vision in New Orleans, CLPP alumni news, and more!
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Organizing law students, fighting nuclear waste, starting an abortion fund, giving sex-positive advice, and more. Read the news from these CLPP alums and send us your updates!


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