Audience at the 2013 CLPP conference.
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For over 30 years, CLPP has been working to realize a world in which all people have the economic, social, and political power necessary to make healthy decisions about our bodies, families, sexuality, and reproduction. Our annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, brings together activists and academics from across the U.S. and the world to share ideas and information, inspiring and supporting thought, reflection, growth, and collaboration across communities and generations. The conference is a space to share our stories—especially for people who are most often silenced and made invisible—to fuel social movements in pursuit of justice.

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This summer, our magnificent Verónica Bayetti Flores, who so capably led NLNI, our Summer Leadership Institute, and the expansion of our summer internship program, moved to Streetwise and Safe in New York, where she will be leading program development to build and share leadership, skills, knowledge and community among LGBTQQ youth of color who are experiencing criminalization and the policing of poverty.

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Sources can be found here.

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Malika Redmond is the executive director for SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, a young, community-centered, statewide reproductive justice organization based in Atlanta, GA. A CLPP and NLNI alum, Malika recently co-facilitated the workshop “Access Denied: our new health care law and reproductive (in)justice” at our annual conference. Here she provides us with insight on what drew her to SPARK, as well as how her experience at CLPP helped her get to where she is today.

What attracted to you SPARK?

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Are you interested in deepening your understanding of reproductive justice and student organizing? Do you want to play a role in coordinating CLPP’s annual conference, "From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building a Movement for Reproductive Freedom?" CLPP is hiring two Student Group Coordinators to work collaboratively with CLPP staff and Student Group members on fall events and year-round conference organizing!
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CLPP is seeking a creative go-getter to oversee our external leadership projects. The Assistant Director will have oversight of CLPP’s summer internship program, national activist network, and intensive Summer Leadership Institute.


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