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added March 31, 2011 by Anna@CLPP

Catherine Megill, conference participant, reflects on the CLPP Conference, “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom”--

added March 29, 2011 by Aboguhn

Last year was my first year attending CLPP and I found it incredibly
inspiring. Since, I have worked at both Planned Parenthood and the YWCA to help
fight for the rights of women. I also have taken on leadership roles in multiple
campus organizations that directly deal with women and reproductive health and
rights. After attending a session on blogging I even started my own feminist
blog, (and I am happy to report it has really picked up)! It really has changed
my life and my career path. It gave me something I am truly passionate about,
and I will forever be thankful for the experience. 

added March 29, 2011 by Anna@CLPP


Thanks to Jeannie Kiewel, 2010 Conference participant for sharing this picture with us!

added March 29, 2011 by Sarah Buttenwieser


In 1981, I made my first visit to Planned Parenthood. Seeking birth control, my visit took place a few weeks after I’d become sexually active. Turned out, that was enough time for the routine pregnancy test taken as part of the intake appointment to turn out positive. Oops is right.

added March 28, 2011 by Courtney Hooks

During my last night, late night, half-sleep-stumblings 'round the iNteRnEtZ I had the distinct pleasure of encountering this rigamarole being passed off as a legitimate effort to inform the public...

added March 25, 2011 by Anna@CLPP

Our 30th anniversary conference, “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom” is only two weeks away!

See what some conference participants have said about the conference in previous years:

Martina Robinson: I love CLPP, you've given me a lot of confidence as an activist and a business woman. You've been really supportive and wonderful about allowing all people (not just me) to bring their whole selves to the conference. I can't tell you what a holy space that makes this conference!


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